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Lily Evans/Potter 100

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Welcome to the Lily Evans/Potter 100 word drabble community!

About the community:
- Based off of hp100 and many, many others. Only this particular community is about Lily Evans/Potter.
- Membership is open to anyone! Feel free to join, even if you don't want to post.
- A new challenge will be posted every Friday. The times will vary, so keep an eye out for the new challenge.
- Have a challenge you think would be great for the community? Go here and leave a comment.

- Try for a 100 words or less. Please do not post anything over a 100 words.
- All drabbles must be centered around Lily Evans, or Lily Potter. I don't mind which surname you use, but it must be one of the two.
- All ratings are welcome! If you post anything over PG-13 please put it behind a cut. Also if you post more than two (2) drabbles please use a cut for that as well.
- All pairings are accepted.
- Femmeslash and het are welcome.
- No off topic posts. If you have a question please direct it to the mod at rabbie20@hotmail.com. Put lily100 in the subject box, as I filter my e-mail and it could get deleted if you do not.
- No flaming! If I find someone flaming they will be banned. Constructive criticism is fine, but no flaming.


- When you post please list your drabble titles in the subject line and separate them with a /. (Example: Untitled/Untitled 2/Untitled 3)

Title: (Title of your drabble)
Challenge: (The challenge you are posting for)
Word Count: (Hopefully it’ll be 100)
Pairings/Characters: (Must have Lily Evans/Potter)
Rating: (Rating system. If you use anything other than G-NC-17 please list in your author notes what the system means)
Warnings: (Any warnings about your drabble)
Author’s Notes: (Anything else you want to add)


Body of your drabble goes here.

Other Stuff:

- Disclaimer: All HP characters and concepts belong solely to JK Rowlings and Warner Bros. This community and all participants intend no copyright infringement; the community is made solely for non-profit entertainment.

- If you find you need to contact the mod please feel free to send me an e-mail at rabbie20@hotmail.com, but do remember to put lily100 in the subject line. Suggestions need to be placed here.

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Want to be one? Post a comment here.


- You may find some pairings and/or ratings that you do not like. Sorry, but you don’t have to read it.
- You will probably find spoilers here, at some point. There was a lot mentioned about Lily in HBP.
- Enjoy the community, and start drabbling!