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Lily · Evans/Potter · 100


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Title: Lusty Lily
Pairing: Lily and everyone
Rating: R
Warnng: Lily in a not so pleasant light.

Lily had the nice girl reputation. She was the smart one, the nice one, the pretty one. She didn't smoke, didn't lie and was the good girl.

Little did they know.

No one would ever speak about it because if they did James and his friends would beat them to a bloody pulp or curse them depending on their mood.

But Lily was a slut.

She had cravings and urges, lusting after most of the boys in her class and some of the girls too.

By the time she graduated Lily had wanked or sucked off half of her graduating class.

And they wondered why she had to finally marry James.

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On September 6th, 2006 09:08 am (UTC), coming_clean001 commented:
Oh dear. Not a very nice portrayal of Lily, but great writing all the same.
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