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Title: Pudding
Written For: lily100
Words: 100
Challenge: Gluttony – um the seventh sin, I don’t know where [info]lady_match is but ... does anyone mind if I randomly change the challenge?

 Lilly watched as the Marauders helped themselves to fifth helpings of Christmas pudding.
 The gluttons.  She stabbed a strawberry with her spoon.

“Look at that your baby maker isn’t happy,” Sirius said idly spooning more pudding into his bowl, “wait, scratch that, she is never happy.” Sirius spelled his bowl to resemble the serving dish “Why are you after her again?” He swapped his bowl with the serving dish.

Remus summoned another serving dish and split the contents with James.

James continued to glaze absently at Lilly.

“I guess he’s just a glutton for punishment,” Peter remarked stealing James pudding.

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Mod Post: Challenge

Sooooo sorry! My computer was in the shop for about 2 weeks (give or take a few days) and other projects (mainly the RPG that I mod) have been eating up my time. I'm sorry, and I will make more time for this community. I will come up with something creative after we finish the 7 Deadly Sins thing.

Ok, so that being said...this weeks sin is:


Oooh, we all know that Lily is a redhead, and you know what that supposedly means.

Have fun, the challenge will end on October 6, 2006.
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Mod Post: Challenge

Hello everybody! It's that time of week once again, and lookit I made it on a Friday...sorry...too much java.


The challenge for this week is, may I have a drum-roll please? *drum-roll*


Not the animal, the sin, although I think it'd be quite amusing if you did put an actual sloth in your drabble.

Alright loves, have fun, and the challenge will end on September 15, 2006.

Mod Post: Challenge

Alright, you still have until Monday to post a drabble for the prompt 'Envy'.

And once again I'm sorry, it's just been so hectic and I haven't had time to get online much this weekend.

Thanks to all that have posted, and now onto this week's challenge.


Oooh, my personal favorite of the sins.

Have fun, and the challenge will end on Friday, September 8th.


Title: Envy

Rating: G

Genre: General/Romance

Challenge: Envy – lily100

Summary: Like Samantha Macens always said: men lacked persistence.

Words: 100

Author’s Note: Shock, horror! I actually posted! It’s a miracle! Anyway, I just threw this together in five minutes. I’ll probably come back tomorrow and wish that I’d actually read over it before posting it… but oh well. Hope you like it!

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Mod Post: Challenge

Sorry guys, I was busy this past weekend, and this seemed to slip my mind.

Anyway on to this week's challenge:


Have fun with the challenge, and I will update the challenge on this Friday, but you have until Monday September 4th for the current challenge.

Sorry again!
Two Shoes


Title: Care

Words: 100

Written For: lily100

Challenge: Greed


Lily watched her sister add half a spoon of sugar to her tea.

She added eight to her own and milk, watching carefully as her sister’s eyebrows rose into her hair.

There was a time when her sister would have told her not to be greedy. Enforced moderation.

There had been a time when her sister cared.

It was gone.

“So you’re marring him then?”

“Yes Petunia.”

“And you want me to be the maid of honor?”

“Would you?” Lily’s green eyes sparkled with cautious hope.

“Don’t be greedy Lily, you can’t have both. You chose that world over me.”