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Title: Sparky
Written For: lily100
Words: 100
Challenge: Sloth

Lily was very annoyed. This was not unusual nor was the cause of her annoyance.
James and Sirius were exchanging lazy, but incredibly witty, comments as they lay draped over the common room couch, occasionally giving an effortless laugh but mostly smirking, that being their default look.

Their books were still in their dorm, Lily’s wand shot an angry spark, instead of the charm she was practicing, startling her.

How is it that they came in tops every exam when they never so much as put an ounce of effort into it? Sod that nobody cares its just, not fair.

Title: Silver
Written For: lily100
Words: 100
Challenge: Sloth
A/N: Sort of a sequel to Sparky


Lily decided she couldn’t stand the laid back way in which James and Sirius received the world on the silver platters that were offered to them.
At least they should work for their grades. However as that was absolutely not about to happen she could at least vent some of the pressure the exams were giving her.

Sliding up behind the couch the boy’s were occupying Lily took aim.

After which a conversation on frequencies inaudible to the human ear took place.

“Bloody Hell, what’d we do?”

“Dunno mate.” James shrugged.


“We do not punish with transfiguration,” McGonagall admonished, smirking.

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